My name is Wouter de Kort. I live in Groningen, the Netherlands with my wife and our rabbit Katrien. I became interested in computers when my dad came home with an old 286 monochrome laptop when I was 6. After finding my way around MS-DOS, Windows and playing Solitaire I became interested in software development. My first programming language was Quick Basic and I managed to write a program that helped you practice the multiplication tables. All with ASCII art of course!

Now this is all a couple of years behind me. In the meantime, I’ve learned other things like Visual Basic, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript and C#. I work for Sogeti here in the Netherlands as a Principal Consultant. I focus on Agile, DevOps and Cloud using products such as Azure DevOps, GitHub, Visual Studio and VS Code.

I think I’m a fairly good developer. I love to learn new things and share that with others. I’m one of the Microsoft ALM Rangers , a Microsoft MVP Developer Technologies and the author of DevOps on the Microsoft Stack. I also wrote some other books and I try to speak regularly at all kinds of conferences. If you want to get in touch, just for a chat or because I can help you or your company with something, you can contact me on Twitter.