I love reading - these are the blogs I follow


Someone asked me how I try to stay up to date in the IT industry. Personally, I love reading. I follow a bunch of blogs and try to read as much as possible. To give you an idea of the blogs I follow, I’ve exported my current subscription list. If you want you can download my subscription list and import it in your favorite RSS reader.

I follow blogs focused on software development, DevOps and Agile in general and with a specific Microsoft focus.

I use Inoreader. It’s easy to use. I’ve configured Inoreader to remove duplicate entries from my list. Since I follow a lot of Microsoft blogs I sometimes get posts through multiple channels and this setting removes duplicates. I’ve also installed the Chrome extension for Inoreader which allows me to easily subscribe to feeds and save pages for later. Combined with the Android app for when I’m on the go I’m quite happy.

In addition to all the blogs I follow, I also use Twitter to get an even broader view. if you want you can follow me on Twitter where I try to share the articles I like and post other new stuff I came across. I use Social Pilot (Android app and Chrome extension) to queue my Tweets and send them out during the day. This way, I don’t spam my followers with a whole list of articles I’ve read at once but distribute them throughout the day.

And also, I like pictures of animals doing cute things so yeah, those are also in my timeline.

I’m always looking for easier ways to find my way around the enormous amount of information that we need to keep up with as software developers. If you have a tip or just want to share how you try to stay up to date I would love to know! Feel free to leave a comment or reach out on Twitter.