My first Visual Studio Team Services Extension is live!

One of the many privileges of being an ALM Ranger is that you get the chance to participate in private preview programs where you work closely with the product group.
The latest opportunity was around the new Visual Studio Online Extension model. The new Extension model allows you to create your own extensions that plug directly into the VS Team Services web access.
I started out with a simple extension: Folder Management. This extension allows you to create new folders directly from Web Access in both TFVC and Git repositories.
And I’m very pleased to announce that my new extension is now live! The code is at GitHub and will be completely open source from now on. There is also a blog post at the ALM Rangers account with some more details.
If you want to install the extension on your account, please join the Visual Studio Industry Partner Program. This is completely free at the basic level and will give you access to the new Extension model.
Questions? Feedback? Please leave a comment!

Wouter de Kort works as a lead architect and consultant. He helps organizations stay on the cutting edge of software development. Wouter focuses on DevOps. He loves solving complex problems and helping other developers to grow. Wouter authored the book DevOps on the Microsoft stack and a couple of other books. Wouter is a Microsoft MVP and an ALM Ranger. You can find him on Twitter (@wouterdekort), on his blog at and at the various conferences where Wouter speaks.


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